04. Machete

Machete | Madeira Island | C. 1880
Vicente de Menezes
Dimension | 360 mm
Provenance | Collection Claude Lebet – Luthier |Rome, Italy

Collection Norberto Gomes

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Rare instrument made in Madeira Island by Vicente de Menezes in the second half of the 19th century (C.1880). It has been in the collection of Norberto Gomes since April 2012, and like the machetinho by Octavianno João Nunes that now is part of this virtual museum, originates from an important musical instrument collection in Italy (Rome) / Collection Claude Lebet Luthier.
Having the original wood case made of vinhático (Perseas Indica), this machete shows rigorous configurations in its making. The inlaid work and ornaments are typical of Madeira instrument makers’ work and style of the 19th century.