03. Machetinho

Machetinho | Madeira Island | 19th Century
Octavianno João Nunes (1812 – 1874)
Dimensions | 360 mm
Provenance | Collection Claude Lebet Luthier |Rome, Italy
Collection Norberto Gomes

More information

This Instrument is part of Norberto Gomes’ Collection since April 2012 and comes from an important musical instrument collection in Italy (Rome) / Collection Claude Lebet Luthier.
This instrument is unique for the characteristics that it presents, characteristics that are well known in the work of the Madeira instrument Maker Octavianno João Nunes.
Most certainly this instrument was made in the first half of the 19th century. Unlike other instruments presented here, this instrument’s scale stretches only up to the body of the instrument. Like all machetinhos that are known today, it has 12 frets.