02. Machetinho

Machetinho | Madeira Island | 1848
Rufino Felix d’Athoguia
Dimensions | 335 mm
Provenence | New London, Connecticut, United States of America
Collection Norberto Gomes

More information

Genuine instrument by Rufino Felix d’Athoguia, Madeira 1848, was acquired in the USA in May 2011. The first public viewing of this instrument in the 21st century occurred between 29th June and 4th September, 2011 at the exhibition “5 Olhares Sobre o Património Musical Madeirense” (5 Views of the Madeira Musical Heritage) at the cultural center Casa das Mudas that is located in Calheta. The exhibition was organized by Associação Musical e Cultural Xarabanda and by Associação dos Amigos do GCEA. This instrument was offered to be part of the exhibition by António Rodrigues and Norberto Gomes. It was very well received and distinguished among more than a hundred other instruments presented at the exhibition. This instrument presents unique characteristics in its technical quality and preservation of the noble woods used originally for its construction, in the inlay wood and ornaments. At this moment, it is the oldest instrument labeled with a date that we have knowledge of among the traditional Madeira instruments. The top of the instrument shows that this instrument was never played. Both the instrument and the original wood case, which is made of Til  (Ocoetea foetens), show an exceptional state of preservation, even though more than 160 years have passed since their construction. It is part of the Norberto Gomes’ Collection.