01. Machete

Machete | Madeira Island | 19th Century
Octavianno João Nunes (1812 – 1874)
Dimensions | 492 mm
Provenance | London, U.K.
Collection Norberto Gomes

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Instrument by Octavianno João Nunes, Madeira Island, most probably from the first half of the 19th century, acquired in London in January 2012, for the collection of Norberto Gomes. Even today this machete shows an excellent technical quality of construction, and is well preserved in its original condition. Such quality raises Octavianno João Nunes to the status of the most important instrument maker in Madeira in the 19th century. The wood case is made of Platano (Platanus), and presents also a very fine and high quality of technical construction.