desenho pormenor António Rodrigues 1982

There are two things that we have to learn: We have to learn how extraordinary and amazing this world is, and we have to learn how to open up and make room in our inner world, to let the entire outside world in.

Citações e Pensamentos de Agostinho da Silva

The establishment of the Artur Pestana Andrade (APA ) Museum, a virtual museum of musical instruments, comes from a desire to collect and preserve, as well as to spread the word about  the heritage of musical instruments native to Madeira. The APA Museum’s first objective is to focus on the instruments built in the 19th and 20th centuries. More broadly, the Museum aims at contributing to the study and preservation of the cultural musical heritage of Madeira. Yet another objective of the team that is part of the APA Museum is to gather together and select in a very critical way the instruments built in Madeira, more particularly those created in the last 200 years, as well as to treat and preserve technically and scientifically every single exemplar, taking into account the originality and the quality of the pieces to be presented.
One of the goals of the Museum is to pay tribute and homage to the musician and professor Artur Pestana Andrade (1927-1992) for all his dedication to and support of the causes of the traditional culture of Madeira, particularly in the sphere of music. Born on Madeira Island, he collected recordings and wrote articles about them. Especially remarkable is the passionate way in which he collected valuable historical instruments from Madeira.


Curadores e Associados - Curators and associates

  • António Rodrigues

    escultor | professor

  • Norberto Gomes

    violinista | professor

  • Carlos Jorge Rodrigues

    mestre violeiro - guitar maker | luthier

  • Filipe Gomes

    designer | professor